Thule 916XTR T2 vs. Yakima 2443 Holdup Hitch Bike Racks (Updated)

Another feature that will attract you to buying Yakima hold up bike rack is its security feature. And many of those cars were equipped with Yakima racks, similarly beaten. From a bike security standpoint, Yakima first identified that locking the hookarm over the front wheel of the bike won't prevent someone from stealing your bike.

However, note that the shape is longer. Since it does not touch the bike frame, there is no concern about putting nice bikes on it either. The ease of use is awesome, too. The next issue, and one that persists to this day due to laziness, hooking up is the release pin.

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Won't stand up on the floor, takes more space on garage floor because of that. The first step is to fold the front wheel tray back over the rack. This model of the bike carrier is suitable for those people who buy items as investment. Both are colored in black.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Description A perfect fit for every bike. Buying a bike rack is like an investment. It's not what you would call light weight and you have to lift it to install it on the car.

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The main body is made up of steel that keeps it sturdy and water resistant and thus able to use in any weather. But, for everyone else who has to drive to the trail head, thankfully there are plenty of bike racks on the market. Fenders and front racks do present challenges. Easy to use and install although a bit heavy.

Great company that stands behind their product. They both are very sturdy and durable. Their steel frames are really tough and solid.

Yakima HoldUp Hitch Rack Reviewed

Try us today to see why so many of our customers come back again and again. Accommodates carbon bikes, disc brakes, thru axles, and full suspension bikes. Maybe do some research before spouting where something is made. Which could result in the lock coming loose from the arm.

Thule 916XTR T2 vs. Yakima 2443 Holdup Hitch Bike Racks (Updated)

  • This looks like typical crap from China from Yak.
  • However, recently I've noticed the ratcheting arm on one of the trays requires more force to rotate.
  • This keeps the rack safe despite the location you are going to.

Your personal information is safe and confidential with us. Flipping the rack down from the stowed position can be done with one hand while holding your bike in the other. Get access to exclusive discounts, the inside line on the latest gear, and personalized recommendations from our staff of avid riders. For this reason, you need a bike rack that will last you for more time. For example, both racks will fold up vertically when not in use, minimizing their footprint behind the vehicle.

Thule T2 Pro vs Thule T2 Classic vs Yakima Holdup Comparison Table
Blog & News - Thule XTR T2 vs. Yakima Holdup Hitch Bike Racks (Updated)

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Yakima HoldUp EVO 2-Inch - Yakima Bike Rack

Mechanic's Corner Articles will open in new tab. It holds bikes securly and when not needed it folds up out of the way. With the individualized lock combination, benefits of one need not worry about the security of the bike. The body is made up of steel and coated with a black paint and has plastic wheel trays that make it water resistant and suitable for all weather.

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Hauling Right Yakima Holdup Versus Thule T2

Thule T2 vs Thule T2 pro vs Yakima Holdup Pick The Right One

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You can feel it in your hands. Everyone with a biking interest needs to own a bike rack. For a hitch-mounted bike rack, this is probably not a big issue. If you need to return this item, we can offer a return shipping label at our discounted shipping rates, or you can arrange for your own return shipping. It is really easy to use and keeps bikes very secure.

In an aesthetical perspective, both models are good-looking. The first generation proved to be a winner, so when we were offered a chance at reviewing the latest generation, we jumped at the opportunity. In the past year or two, black dating in toronto we've really noticed a growing trend in the popularity of these types of bike racks.

The HoldUp turns out to be a great rack, but not without a few surpises. The Holdup tilts up and down by pulling the red spring lever. That's why the Yakima Holdup comes with a cable lock that can go through all of your bike frames and attach to a security bolt on the rack. Adventure Travel Trade Association. With easily replaceable bits and pieces I didn't worry when someone backed into it and bent a bar.

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One of the SecureHook ratchet arms may need a manual fix due to an improperly placed nylon spacer, but this is easy to get done. Ranked as one of the top three hitch's for the money, it didn't disappoint. The smart handle lets you use it as a handcart, and the aluminum construction is strong and light.

Hauling Right Yakima Holdup Versus Thule T2 - Mountain magazine

Both of these racks are tray-style, hitch-mounted bike racks that carry the bikes by hooking around the front wheel. It has excellent features that will lead you to want to own of this model. The wheel hook is wrapped in a pliable rubber that is nice to shiny parts and grips tires decently. It makes your biking trip much fun and enjoyable.

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  1. Not to mention any other damages incurred by other drivers!
  2. Yakima hold up bike rack carries up to two bikes with an extension to four bikes.
  3. The push-button AutoLock secures it in the open position.
  4. Plus, the locks actually reach through the frames.

Getting bikes on and off is intuitive and simple. As a result they're sending me a new replacement tray at no cost. Additionally, how to know you're there has been a resurgence of popularity with upright bike carriers for the roof - the kind where you keep both wheels on the bike. The ratchet feels like it's bone dry and in need of some grease. Your email address will not be published.

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