Repairing Windows was Never Easier

Find More Posts by TheOwner. Have been trying to fix this for hours, but your solution worked like a jiffy. Worked like a dream for me. May you become a very rich person some day. Thank you so much for giving your time and effort to help others that don't have your skillset or knowledge on the subject.

Never check updates, then do a check for updates worked. There was a previous thread with a file link that seems like it could have helped, but the file is no longer available. Hello gent, i have tried second solution its worked for me. The folder deletion worked.

Have tried all the above including the command prompt to no avail. This took some patience, as each step seemed to go on forever. Really very good solution. Further steps continue to troubleshoot the issue if the Windows Update troubleshooter program doesn't fix it.

Windows 7 not updating service not running

Thank you very much, windows own fix couldnt fix this but your help did, thank you! Try to Enter Windows in Safe Mode and then then delete the folder. By the way, dating do I need to delete the software distribution folder forever? Check for Windows Updates again.

Windows 7 not updating service not running

Repairing Windows was Never Easier

The walk through was great, and very easy to follow! Any alternatives you can offer? Select the link for the download, and then choose Download.

Windows 7 not updating service not running

Thank you, but now my old problem is probably back. Sites like this are like good friends, show some love. This fixed update problems like a champ and easily. May you live long, and your troubles few! Why don't Microsoft know this?

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Second, the clients will only fail during the first scan but succeed on the second or sometimes third. Deleting the SoftwareDistribution folder worked like magic. At least until Microsoft kills that too. Delete the SoftwareDistribution folder, set the startup type to Automatic and restart. This solution works on Windows Vista as well.

  1. The only thing missing is the paypal donate button.
  2. None of the proposed solutions worked for me.
  3. Yours worked first time and was so easy.
Windows 7 not updating service not running

The Microsoft Fix It process didn't resolve the issue, but the manual directions did. Wow, Microsoft's fix it utility did nothing but your post saved me quite a headache, thank you. Please contact Microsoft support if you need more help. Hallo, this is the answer.

Windows 7 not updating service not running

In a few cases, this procedure didn't work. Sheese, speed so easy and what a relief! Microsoft troubleshooter has nothing on this fix! Great if you have a solution for this. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Reboot the computer, and try running Windows Update again. This method just worked for my Windows Vista! In any event, I often use the Windows Update Catalog to download patches manually. Just fixed my updating problem on laptop with this solution. It is updating now after renaming the software update folder.

Windows 7 not updating service not running
  • The second solution helped instantly.
  • Thank you so much, I have tried for months to get this resolved.
  • His solution worked perfectly for me after many frustrating attempts using other suggestions.
  • Have done it three times, and deleted the old folder, still not working, and suggestions?
  • So easy and quick not like all the other crap out there.

Delete Windows Updates

Click here to see how to determine whether a computer is running a bit version or bit version of Windows. Can help me understand why deleting the folder will help to resolve the problem. Run the System Update Readiness tool? When I followed up on this I found that my Internet Connection had gone down due to a hydro outage in the whole area.

But if you are going to try this method at any professional environment then its mean you have to download all the updates from the first day of your window installation. Not only was your suggestion the simplest is was also the least time consuming. Thank you so much for this! Tell us what we can do to improve the article Submit. It is litle bit strange, but it does work!

Hope this saves others some time. Nothing seems to fix the sucker. If you use the command line then its called wuauserv.

Click Start, type Windows update in the search box, and then click Windows Update in the Programs list. Follow the steps in the wizard to diagnose and resolve your network problems. It is now going through a very l-o-n-g process of checking the updates already installed on my Vista against the Windows download site. This solution did not work. Yes SoftwareDistribution is a folder and i guess it was not there for me to delete.

This is the first fix I found that did the job. Hello, Long story cut short, but my updates were not working at all. After a frustrating hour of getting no where on the Microsoft site I decided to to a non Ms site. Thank you so much, i have had that problem, and i could neither install. Microsoft were no help whatsoever, casual dating how often I'm so pleased I stumbled on your site.

Who woulda known this would work? Go have a nice coffee break or whatever. Notes A clean install will delete all of your saved data and installed apps. Sad Microsoft is so useless, but glad google found your site!

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