Type 94 Nambu pistol

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The Worst Pistol Ever Type 94 Nambu

Here is a shot of all the markings on the right side of a typical Toriimatsu First Series pistol. It is normal for the safety lever to leave these marks on the pistol as it is moved in-between positions. The picture on the right is a close up of the markings that are found on the right side of the pistol and underneath the arsenal and serial number.

Researching Your Japanese Handgun

Nambu Type 14 pistol

This symbol was chosen because the feudal Nagoya castle is crowned with a pair of golden fighting fish. No pistols have yet been found with Showa gannen dates, since there were only a few days at the end of when guns could have been made with such dates. The pistols are slender barreled with a single piece frame. This photo is a bit rough because the symbols were poorly struck on a very crudely machined, uneven surface attention to finishing was already breaking down by the time this gun was made.

Type 94 Nambu pistol

Nambu pistol
The Worst Pistol Ever Type 94 Nambu -The Firearm Blog
  1. You can get additional information by examining the photo galleries of my guns of each type go back to the main page to find them listed.
  2. This photo shows the most common arrangement, with the Nagoya logo first.
  3. Also, be sure you comply with all national, state and local laws.
  4. Guns from the transitional period as well as those considered true Kokura guns can be distinguished by a small katakana character se on the left side of the gun on the flat panel behind the grips.
  • The Nambu pistol series withdraw the magazine from the grip of the pistol by pressing the magazine release button on the left side of the frame.
  • Believe it or not, the firearm pictured above was not the worst one of the three!
  • The sights are not adjustable and include a blade front sight that is built as part of the barrel and a dovetail shaped notch rear sight that is milled as part of the receiver.

Sincerely, The Nagant Revolver. Also, the first time I heard about this pistol was in relation to it occasionally going off if the user slapped their holster on a draw. Either way, it constitutes a gross disrespect for hard truths and reality. Here is the full set of markings on the right side of a Kokubunji First Series pistol. She does have a great website.

He might be able to help you there. Of course, there would also be fees to pay. The ones that bring more are mostly very early and very late guns, although a full discussion of this topic would take a book.


Oddly enough the round looks a lot like. The Japanese produced some really stellar firearms like the ludicrously strong Arisaka rifles along with some really, urban dictionary really awful ones. The best one can do is estimate based on whether the serial number is early or late in the known range. This ammo has been made in the west before.

This gun could, in theory, go off when holstered, handling it, handing it off to someone, cancer dating etc. Just below the six in the date there is a small and poorly struck character. The use of the comma to separate the year and month was continued. You can see it by clicking on the link below. The above are retail prices when you are selling directly to someone who wants the piece for his collection.

Japanese Nambu Pistols For Sale From World War 2

The markings in the above photo and most of those in this section have been highlighted in white to make them easier to see. This was done to accommodate the addition of the kanji character sho in front of the date. The first mark that is located at the left in the photograph is the Japanese character ka, which stands for fire. Below the second one in the date is a small kanji character. Tiny differences in condition that the average person would not notice can make a big difference in the amount a collector will pay.

Nagoya Arsenal-Affiliated Production. These officers were expected to purchase their own pistols should they desire one and many opted to use the far superior and more reliable western sidearms. Also, free im dating sites price depends on the relative bargaining skills and motivation of the buyer and seller.

Nambu pistol
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Ruger who had acquired a captured Nambu from a returning U. For the Nambu featured on this page, an empty magazine will not eject from the pistol under its own weight. Teri at Nambu World knows as much as, if not more than, any number of other acknowledged authorities on Japanese military pistols.

First, here is an orientation photo of the left side markings. Much of the information on this page is drawn from that source, which itself draws on the long-term research of Mr. There is usually also a small final inspection marking to the right of the date.

Chigusa Branch of Nagoya Arsenal. Parts for these are hard to come by, online so ones that are missing parts seldom bring good prices. The symbol they both used is shown below. This is the same symbol used for the First Series Toriimatsu guns described in an earlier section. The top row has the markings shown above and the serial number.

Let me say that I spent many a weekend in college shooting pistols competitively, so I am not a terrible shot with a handgun. Regardless, I was really excited to shoot this thing. The series digit or kana indicates the initial digit of the serial number. First, here is the Nagoya Arsenal mark, which should appear in front of the serial number or in a few rare cases, in front of the date.

Nambu pistol dating
Nambu pistol dating

Here is the same spot on a Kokubunji pistol. Aside from its appearance, what makes this thing so bad? Some people use talc or chalk, but these materials are abrasive and I recommend against them.

Make sure the pistol is unloaded and not cocked. There were also a very few early pistols in which the order was reversed, or the two symbols were arranged vertically one on top of the other instead of side by side. For simplicity I will refer to them as Kokubunji pistols from now on. It was because maintaining its own colonies like cough cough Worst Korea was more important than acquiring better firearms for the military. But anyone bashing them has never held one in their hand.

Help with date made on Nambu

Anyone know a good source for these? As a result logistics were not further complicated when it was issued. The white lettering in these photographs is not original to the sidearm and I added this to the pistol after it was fully cleaned and inspected. At the back of the gun on the left side, just ahead of the cocking knob, is another set of markings comprised of four characters right side of photo. Current thinking is that probably none were made during that brief period due to mourning for the late Taisho Emperor.

The Worst Pistol Ever Type 94 Nambu

The Type A was made in very small numbers. The pistol is shown with the magazine installed in each of these photographs. It now rests on my display rack of collectible hand guns and long guns as a monument to how bad a gun can be. Their machine guns were a bit faulty too. GunBoards Firearms of the Rising Sun.

This one looks like an upside down letter y in a circle. Still better made than a Taurus! If you are visiting this site to research basic information on a Japanese handgun you have just inherited or acquired, this section is for you.

Type 94 Nambu pistol

This pistol has always been interesting and I remember watching it on Tales of the Gun way back in the day. Also if you look at the character on the right you will notice small differences in the upper part that looks sort of like a hat. In other words, a single final shot at the enemy at point blank range. Instead, the rear cocking device as well as the silhouette of the Nambu was incorporated into one of the most popular. The pistol utilizes a push button magazine release that is located behind the trigger guard and inside the left grip.

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