Adding a Second Phone Line

How to Hook Up a Second Phone Line

How Two-line Phones Work


Do it yourself home telephone wiring

How to Add a Phone Line

If you have an outdated interface, the telephone company will install a new one for free. Tip - Use a B Connector to splice phone wires. Keep in mind that the more options you include, the higher the charge will be for the line.

  • The pair of screw posts will contain one red screw and one green screw.
  • Adding a second phone line means you will need to decide whether to use your existing phone jack or add a new jack in a different location.
  • Once everything is set, they should give you the new number and a date when the work will be completed.
  • After unplugging the jack that connects your interior cable, plug in a phone.
  • If that is not the case, try plugging in a different phone.

Adding a Second Phone Line

They not charge you to fix their outside lines, but you will have to make sure and tell them the your inside lines were already checked. This task is not difficult, requires only a few basic tools, and doesn't involve high-voltage electrical current. Connecting to the telephone company demark is a simple process, it is nothing more than a screw terminal connection.

Tip - A Telephone Butt-Set is a big help when working on telephone wiring. Plug in the telephone that you are sure is good directly into the demark and check the line. If the line still dose not work, it is a phone company problem. It's the junction box, usually located outside your house, free jacksonville dating sites where the phone company's lines end and the wiring for your home begins. Plug the company line back in.

Connect the yellow wire to the red screw terminal and the black wire to the green terminal. There are only a few things you will need to know. If you hear it, dial your primary number. Believe me, double your dating advanced series it's much easier this way.

The primary color of the conductor is the first color listed, the second color is the tracer. Tell them that you want a second line added to your account. This leaves the black and yellow wires to power a second line. While you can splice the cable into another cable or another phone jack, it is always best to run the new cable back to the telephone company demark.

Adding a Phone Line Overview

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How to Add a Phone Line

Avoid working on phone wiring if you have a pacemaker, or if there's an electrical storm threatening. Projects such as installing a new line are fairly easy to do, the work is relatively safe, and you probably have most of the tools on hand. With all four wires connected, the phone does the work of identifying which line is ringing.

It should plug back into the port into which it was initially inserted. If you discover that you have an older phone box, contact the phone company. If it's a screw-mounted jack, windsor dating fasten the base plate to the baseboard with the screws provided.

The paired wires for a single line are usually twisted together, and they consist of a solid-color wire with a white spiral, or tracer, and a white wire with a tracer that matches the solid color. If you get static, the problem is with the exterior line, and you need to report it to the phone company. If you already have a telephone jack in your house, skip this step.

Color Code Two is the new industry standard used today

The next step is to insert your thumbnail into the nick you made, pinch the wire between your thumb and forefinger, and pull the insulation off. You need to check for a dial tone. Try it without calling a tech anyway, maybe it might work. Be sure to leave out any routers at this point, if you use em.

Do it yourself home telephone wiring

Connecting a Two-line Phone

It makes one phone wall plug into two phone plugs. The company will make the required wiring changes at your Network Interface Device. Pry the cover off the jack using a screwdriver.

Pick Your Spots

Using wire connectors, join the yellow wire from the existing cable to the red wire of the new quad cable. Good luck with your new phone system! Strip an inch off of the end of each of the colored wires. Feed the straight end of the wire hanger through the wall.

Adding a Second Phone Line

Each pair can be used as a phone line, so in this example you can use this cable for up to four phone lines. That needs to be worked out with both of them. With a sharp, strong thumbnail, you can even skip the knife nick. As long as you use the same colors on both ends, it doesn't matter. Common Problems, Easy Answers Here's what to do if you encounter.

  1. If the line works than the problem in on the inside of your house.
  2. Disconnect them all and hook up only one of them, take your good phone and test your phone jacks to see which one works.
  3. Both of these are more secure options because they don't rely on an adapter that could fall out, and they give each jack its own line.
  4. Fiber-optic lighting can save energy and mean the end of hard-to-change light bulbs.
  5. Separate the green wire and the red wire.
  6. If that fixes the problem, you will need to get a new phone.

So be careful if shopping at Staples or Office Depot, they sometimes have them. Get the latest This Old House news, updates and special offers every week, direct to your inbox. But previous work on your lines can complicate the situation.

The telephone cable in your house right now contains at least four wires, but only two of them are connected to your current phone. Thin, low-power phone wire can be run along baseboards or under carpet. Just make sure you are splicing into the right line. Your phone receiver may have a built-in power cable. Wiring projects are not for everyone, but there are some basic upgrades most homeowners can handle.

Wind each bare wire in a clockwise direction around the terminal screw, then simply tighten the terminal and replace the cover. Push the hooked end of the wire through the hole in the wall, grab the cable, and pull it into the room. This type of jack has a mounting plate with four terminals, labeled R, G, B, and Y red, green, black, and yellow.

Cheap, unplated plugs are prone to corrosion, especially in damp locations. This should be marked in the demark, but sometimes they are not. Then, re-install the faceplate to the wall. They need to change the wires outside your home!

Once you know how to hook up a new line, it's not a big deal to move the location of a jack or add an extension. Take the phone off the hook to disconnect the line you're working on. Extending a Line Once you know how to hook up a new line, it's not a big deal to move the location of a jack or add an extension.

You can often run it under the carpet, along molding or trim or inside cabinets and closets see illustration. Both devices you plug into it share the same single phone line and wall jack. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Join the black wire to the new cable's green wire. Simply hook the red and green to the top jack and the yellow and black to the bottom jack, and you now have two-line access in the same room without having to run additional wires.

Snap the cover plate onto the jack. Therefore, you can tap into the two unused wires to feed the new phone line. If so, just plug the free end of the cable into an electrical outlet. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Make sure the wiring is not loose, and try the phone in a different jack.

Its yellow and black wires won't be connected. Tell your phone company that you will be doing the wiring inside your home. No outside phone company influence. Simply insert the color-matched wires into the connector and squeeze the red dot to secure the connection. Is this article up to date?

Standard Telephone Wiring Color Code
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