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International Willow Collectors

Long splashes in upper triangles almost touching March July Dull gold straw. As your confidence grows, so will your collection. The first correlation discovered was that the two versions of the backstamp were directly related to the impressed date stamp. The shop-keeper replied that Booths had been taken over and he had only just got his first delivery of the new A as the main production had been sent for export.

Dating booths real old willow

You can look up these marks in several different books that cover marks. To some it is, to some the damaged teapot is not worth anything. Shorter wider splashes in upper triangles May Jan Sepia greenish tinge.

Apparently the brown was introduced around the time of the War as gold was in short supply. The main picture pattern remained the same throughout all periods. Beginner collectors will find it difficult to determine the age of pieces, simply because they have not had the chance to see a big variety of different pieces. It is hard to know everything about everything. You see floral to landscapes to other Chinese elements.

An attempt has been made to present a complete list of all known pieces in the table which follows. Harley Jones distribution agent was Lawleys of Regent St. Cups of various shapes and sizes, tea and coffee pots, sugar bowls, who's dating kellan lutz etc.

Booths china

You will also find willow pieces that are unmarked. While it is true many early pieces are unmarked, there are modern pieces that are unmarked too. We believe this was produced by adding gilding to the brown version - in the photo you can clearly see that on this example the gold band does not accurately mask the brown below. Second, start with what you can afford.

Dating booths real old willow
Dating booths real old willow

Booths (Limited)

As we have also acquired a modest amount of the A. There are up to four gold lines, on the rim and on both edges of the inner border and for certain footed pieces on the footed base. While the willow pattern has steadily increased in value, it has in some ways become more affordable, due largely to the Internet. And at least get a rough idea of the age. Then collect what you can afford.

Dating booths real old willow

Should I buy willow as an investment? To date there have been more than documented makers of the willow pattern in Great Britain alone, with more than makers worldwide. Did you know the willow pattern has earned a rather unique distinction? These later items with the Doulton backstamp are still widely available, but are too recent to be of interest to many collectors.

The Harley Jones version is different, with three against two splashes in the upper triangles. Some collectors even specialize in one particular manufacturer. But they do serve a very valuable purpose, especially to new collectors who are just starting. Any work of reference is only as good as its least reliable data. The height, especially for lidded pieces, what is the best is the overall height including the lid to the top of the finial.

However no deliberate deception is intended, and all statements are made in good faith. It is always hard to determine future value and any dealer who tells you a certain piece will be worth twice as much in X number of years from now should be avoided. Collecting is a learning process. This eliminated the need for the time-consuming hand painting of each piece. The dot is often omitted in Oct.

Dating booths real old willow

Booths Real Old Willow

  1. Many dealers are misinformed, by no fault of their own.
  2. Goode of South Audley Street, London in brown over the same period.
  3. How do I know if my willow is old or new?
  4. Harley Jones, whose willow pattern is almost the same as Booths.

Tea and coffee ware Cups of various shapes and sizes, tea and coffee pots, sugar bowls, etc. See later for the variations between the two manufacturers front patterns. The early have this pattern in gold, or in blue Georgian willow or omitted white. Take a glance in some of the willow books or get on the Internet and see if the patterns you have are willow.

  • Two of the patterns were named Willow-Nankin and Broseley.
  • Start small, like with plates or platters or cups.
  • Gold Gilding on the rim and the inner band entirely in gold.
  • By the mids the British potters were gaining the knowledge to produce wares in an effort to compete with the Chinese imports.

Unfortunately, many dealers still insist on the dates given by Godden, even when items are clearly impressed with contradictory date stamps. It comes down to having a feel for the older wares. Remember, the willow pattern has been made by hundreds of potters.

The Caughley factory provided transfer-printed porcelains as engravers Thomas Turner and Thomas Minton copied Chinese patterns onto copper plates. Spode wares could be sold much cheaper than the costly imported Chinese porcelains and Caughley porcelains, making the products available to the middle classes. Research undertaken by Conrad Biernacki published in the April issue of Willow Transfer Quarterly backs up the above chronology. The inner border consists of a trellis work pattern.

What willow will be worth more later? The easiest way to determine if a piece is old or new is to see if the piece is marked. What is the new willow on the market?

Smallest splashes in upper corners of triangles. They range from paper towel holders to egg cups to teapots, and just a variety of other small unique pieces. It was produced on dinnerware and was marked with impressed and printed marks. But because there was so much willow made, there are still older pieces you can buy and use every day.

Beauville Antiques - BOOTHS Real Old Willow

Royal doulton real old willow

Dating booths real old willow

Beauville Antiques - BOOTHS Real Old Willow - Tea & coffee ware

It was in this climate that the standard willow pattern was first produced on pearlware at the Spode factory c. First collect what you like. All sizes must be regarded as approximate, for there is always going to be some shrinkage in the firing process, which will vary according to the mix which was used at that time.

Dating booths real old willow

You can also find some of the Johnson Brothers pieces at outlet malls. The outer border bow knot remained the same throughout all periods. Long splashes in upper triangles almost touching March May Bright gold indistinct.

Lovers of Blue and White

Godden's incorrect dating for Real Old Willow. She declared that what she had really wanted were the gilt versions of the Booths, which she could remember her mother having before the war. This document covers the earthenware in the blue and white Willow pattern produced by Booths at Tunstall from and A. So it was clearly time to create an inventory of our Booths possessions, and a list was drawn up using Microsoft Word without really thinking if this was the right software to use. And would Madam like to place an order for the gilt versions that she really wanted?

Shorter wider splashes in upper triangles Mar May Sepia. Brown No gilding on the rim, inner band in brown only. Some early A shapes were never available in gilt. This was often done in red using a fine paintbrush, stacey mckenzie and is often indistinct as a result.

Churchill of England also produces a nice line that most often is available in supermarkets as a special promotion. How can I find out what I have? The marks are common in green, black and red. You have to take into account the pottery, the glaze, the pattern and just the general feel of an unmarked piece to begin determining its age.

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