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Blind Dating Dortmund - oldzavod
  • Every member of a student dancing society or university student can participate.
  • Languages Deutsch Nederlands Edit links.
  • Some tournaments later, Ulm and Marburg started participating as well.
  • On Sunday, all classes dance the respective other discipline.

So far, the tournament has taken place most of the times either in Germany or the Netherlands. You four can communicate between yourselves what you want to do, the time, date, and location independently to set up a date. Well, you do meet all kinds of people online. During this tournament, bumblebee app dating only one class existed.

How would I know you're not pairing me up with a mad nutter axeperson who likes to eat human flesh? However, closed adjudication is often chosen in order to save time. They instead dance in the open class which ranges at least from B to S class dancers. The tournament still did not have separate classes.

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In the breitensport class, only untrained and low level training dancers are allowed. With the participation of some students from South Africa, it also premiered hosting dancers from outside Europe. Each organisation describes rules about clothing and the calculation of the tanzmaus evaluation. Go To Topic Listing Events and meetups. The event ends on Monday with a last common breakfast.

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Staff members of the university or dancing society are also allowed to participate. Leipzig also joined this tournament. Groningen joined during this tournament. When universities have too few participants to compete for the tanzmaus, dating 40plus they can team up with other universities to improve their chances. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

European Tournament for Dancing Students

The tournament that was held in the summer of was the first event to take place in the Netherlands. This was the first tournament in which the team of Dortmund started participating. Each couple dances under the flag of his or her university or dance society. Every European university or student dance society can participate.

Also, for the first time, universities from the Netherlands started to participate. The University of Berlin fulfilled their promise in by taking care of the organisation of the tournament. Berlin won the dance mouse during this Sinterklaas tournament, and promised to organise the event somewhere in the future. In the Netherlands, the participants often dance under the flag of a dancing society, unlike in Germany, where participants dance under the flag of their university. In case a separate tournament for this class is chosen not to be held, the organising team will classify the concerning dancers into either breitensport D class or open class C class.

European Tournament for Dancing Students

  1. Participants that belong to a dance formation may also be required to dance in the CloseD or open class, depending on the league in which their formation is classified.
  2. Finding a sleeping accommodation was easy, as the number of participants was still very low.
  3. The event was organised by these three German universities for a number of times.
  4. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
  5. The adjudicators are chosen from volunteers of the participating universities that do not compete themselves in the discipline in which they judge.
  6. The tournament is held twice a year, once during the Pentecost weekend and once in autumn.
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The event always starts on a Friday evening and ends on the following Monday morning. These tournaments follow the rules of official dancing tournaments. The tournament gained more participants and Berlin started participating as well.

There are winner's certificates and medals for all participants in the finals as well as trophies instead of medals for the podium finishers. In practice, a majority of the participants is German. During the finals, open adjudication is sometimes performed, with each adjudicator showing their ranking of the couples on the floor immediately after each dance.

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The result was that Kiel was disallowed to organise the event for five years. Because the focus of each organization may be different, the balance between social orientation and competition changes slightly. The tournament takes place in the city of the organising university, the location changing every half year to another European city. Well, dating online san francisco would you all like to give it a try? The organisation of each tournament is in the hands of a different participating university.

Blind dating is also a motivation for some dancers that want to meet new people. During the breitensport tournaments, a blind date couple can score more points for a university, and thereby improve their team's chance of winning the tanzmaus prize. There was not a regular structure, but the tournament was organised ad hoc.

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