Vintage Abu Ambassadeur Reels

Ambassadeur Reels

Pictured below is a Record Ambassadeur with an extremely rare plain brown cardboard box stamped with the matching serial number. At least I know a general timeframe. Another element that supports this reel's originality are matching Roman Numeral marks found on the inside of both side plates and frame. This is not accurate as there are other features that have to be met before you have a true first version. Partially populated box of parts.

Because of this, collectors can not be certain the frame is original on early models before lot numbers. Lot Number At Bottom Right. The black synthetic leather cases came in three styles. Just kinda wanted another since that one has been long gone.

The marks were used to coordinate color depth. Garcia's fishing season begins in July and ends in June the following year. These reels feature ball bearings, direct drive as well as high speed gearing. The same mark is found on the brake plate's bridge which is the metal piece that straddles over the free-spool dis-engage button. They were used from mid into the s.

This is caused by buffing compound residue left undetected during the cleaning process just prior to anodizing. Other than the eyes needing remounting, it appears to be in good shape. Actually when first produced, it didn't have a clicker but was sold with a counter balanced handle and large capacity spool. With the spool size, some would have had reservations for controlling large fish like the powerful Salmon of Europe and Tropical powerful species encountered here in Australia. If it were mine, I would not use the reel and try to keep it new.

No specific month was given but it's units later than yours. This video will show you how. There is the possibility but production numbers should be low. Those delivered to Garcia for the American market were always assembled with chrome plated star drag and small twin knob handle.

How do you value something sight unseen and without knowing the condition of the item? Note the early March date of this reel which is well within the year limit. It was predominantly found sporting this hue, but black, business matchmaking inc green and even annodized gold was produced for this first model. Hard films will wash right off and chrome frames will look new again.

Vintage Abu Ambassadeur Question
  1. Holding the handle still you will notice the knurled knob rotating when the fish made his run.
  2. The April date is important.
  3. Earliest examples will have a solid gray spool and star drag.
  4. Enter your engine's type number in this search field to show the parts that match your engine.
  5. Please pay special attention to my explanations of where, and where not to use Acetone.

Fred s Classic ABU Reel Information

Push booton release was an innovative feature on the model. This changed sometime around as the earliest C De Luxe models were being made. Information in this segment does not apply to model numbers higher than C. Outdoor Recreation Parts Brands.

I Have A Ambassadeur c The Number On The Foot Is Its Black And

Can't wait for it to get here! Handle turns but reel doesn't. You could certainly fish it as the reels built from the s throughout the s are virtually bullet proof. Display as a link instead.

Vintage Abu Ambassadeur Reels

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Adjustment of the knurled aluminum knob sets the desired tension of drag washer pressure. How many member have you ever met? Other box versions have sticker placement elsewhere.

The discovery of leaves us with more questions. Changing one gear I don't think will change the ratio. The four brushes in the middle are rifle bore brushes of different calibers.

I Have A Ambassadeur c The Number On The Foot Is Its Black And

Abu Garcia 5000 D (76-08-04) Ambassadeur Parts

  • Early lot numbers are explained in detail later in this segment.
  • All cases below appear in chronological order and their dates should be considered very close for the time period offered.
  • Matching Lot Number On Foot.
Vintage Abu Ambassadeur Reels

The first series of Ambassadeur is easily recognized by its carriage screw nut found on the left side plate. Next to find is a green or black Record Ambassadeur now I guess! Ambassadeur reels came in various marked cases through the years but the very first case offered had no markings at all.

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The confusion seems to be if you have a C with mushroom style takedown screws, it must be the first version. We don't know the answer to that because it would be impossible to verify. This example is in original condition. That's the day I knew if I wanted to collect them, I had to learn about them. Once an acceptable match is found, the brake plate receives the matching mark of the side plate and frame.

Sneek peek of some of my Ambassadeur reels. Line for Ambassadeur reel? If it were to fit with the original color test reels it should have been stamped Record. Shop All Departments Appliance Parts. It could have been filled by the sporting goods outlet where it was purchased new.

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Simon Shimomura's books are an excellent guide to help answer these questions and one would be wise to purchase his books. The sailfish on the left fought for over an hour. The second pic front view is actually closer to the actual color of the plates. My web page is dedicated to classic-era Ambassadeur only. My attempt to secure this model is below san box and lightly used.

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It incorporated an adjustable drag system with the free spool concept. This reel is identical in every way to the one I had been watching. Exercise Equipment Parts Brands. Frames can not be swapped without you knowing it due to its version number. Virtually all others will have a solid black spool.

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In my opinion, this reel was likely manufactured near the end of or the first few months of due to the factory exhausting N. Chances are, dating martin mandolin you have not. The residue particles form a barrier between metal and dye causing incomplete anodization. Another example of specific change was the D.

After personally inspecting the reel, Simon could not absolutely say for sure the green anodizing was original but did say it was definitely professionally done. It will not leave a stain. Correct Record handle with a portion of the counterweight machined. Both grooved, and arbors without a groove have been seen.

If too tight then the cast will be shortened. There are two books on the market by author and historian Simon Shimomura. The left plate is Simon Shimomura's. This is the brown version of the bushing model, or so one might think?

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur

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