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  • Elena's friends are eventually able to find an antidote.
  • The two begin a sort of relationship before Katherine's body fails her.
  • Luke explained to the group about his family's dark past and how he would eventually have to merge with his twin, Liv.
  • He was resurrected in the season finale.
  • Her friendship with Damon ends because he left Bonnie while he desiccated himself in a coffin until Elena wakes, so Bonnie would never see him again.

Vampire Diaries Romance Off Screen 5 Couples That Dated In Real Life

After Bonnie opens the tomb for Damon to free Katherine, Anna succeeds in freeing her mother and bringing her back to life. Damon makes Elena turn off her humanity to avoid her grief when Jeremy is killed searching for a cure for vampirism. It was revealed that he and Isobel were working together to free Katherine. However, she does care a lot for her well-being, which is shown when she arrests a bartender after Caroline gets drunk. Damon tried to win Elena back, atheist dating a devout christian though she lost all her memories of their relationship.

She and Damon live long and happy human lives together before they die. When the doorway to the Other Side is opened, they are able to touch and secretly hang out. Elena and Damon cause an explosion at the Mystic Grill, killing themselves and most of the Travelers. Stefan's humanity is shut off and he goes on a murderous rampage to deliver souls to Cade.

Valerie speaks to Stefan of a magical safehouse for supernatural travelers in New Orleans, though then loses contact with him and informs Bonnie about it. Elena asks him to stay as he's the only parent she had left. Liz is locked in the cellar at the Salvatore House so that the vervain can get out of her system and she can be compelled to forget everything.

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Elizabeth Blackmore Valerie. In season three, Elena does everything in her power to make Stefan regain his humanity, which he switched off to satisfy, and tolerate, Klaus. At first they don't accept her, but when they realize that Caroline has retained her humanity, they soften. Tristin Mays Sarah, Sarah Salvatore.

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This article has multiple issues. Liv eventually revived Luke, and when he saw how the spell was draining her of her life force, he used his magic to force her to stop the spell. Damon gets Valerie to reveal that she knew all along about a cure for Stefan's Hunter scar, but didn't want to lose Stefan to Damon or Caroline. She later discovers that the Gemini Coven had placed Alaric and Jo's twins inside her to protect them. In season six, it was revealed that Luke felt bad for leaving Damon and Bonnie trapped on the Other Side, and started providing hallucinogenic herbs to Elena so she could communicate with Damon.

  1. She was unaware of the existence of supernatural creatures in Mystic Falls and was visibly frightened by Connor Jordan, who attacked her twice during his vampire hunts.
  2. Elena chooses Stefan and Damon seems to accept this decision and his death by Alaric, but rushes to the hospital when he realizes Elena has died.
  3. He quickly found himself working with Elena and her friends in an effort to stop Markos and the Travelers.

Candice Accola & Steven R. McQueen

He pretends to Caroline that his humanity is off and they get locked up together in a bed and breakfast in Grove Hill by Damon and Elena. Stefan then stays with Katherine to ensure that they both finally die in the Hellfire, destroying Hell. As a result, Tyler is eventually forced to leave town, knowing that Klaus will seek revenge upon him. He was in love with Vicki Donovan, another drug user, causing a rivalry with her boyfriend, Tyler Lockwood. James Remar Guiseppe Salvatore.

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Bonnie injects him with the cure and her grief from Enzo's death causes her to unlock her psychic abilities. However, upon finding the cure, Jeremy is killed by Silas. However, in the season finale, Kai links Bonnie's life to Elena's, man putting her in a magical sleep until Bonnie's dies.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, Elena remains in love with Damon and they continue their relationship. At the end of season one, Caroline, Matt, and Tyler met an accident. Silas drains Katherine of all of her blood, to get the cure, and Katherine returns to life. Tyler eventually realizes that the sire bond isn't in his favor, and breaks it by repeatedly turning into a werewolf.

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Elena's refusal to admit this incenses Damon, who reverts to previous uncaring and reckless behavior. She also praised Dobrev's performance in this episode, addressing her behaviour as another reason the final revelation from Meredith was more shocking and believable. By season six, Stefan has left Mystic Falls to attempt to live a normal life with a new girlfriend. Eventually they do, but Elena remains in love with Damon and decides to be with him.

It is later revealed that Katherine was sucked into Hell, where she became a feared presence over six years. Valerie informs Damon of the Armory's dark intentions. Allison Scagliotti Georgie. Television Television shows filmed in Georgia U. When Jeremy tells Bonnie, she asks him to no longer talk to Anna and completely shut her out.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to The Vampire Diaries. Luke's neck was snapped by Caroline Forbes in order to motivate Liv to cast a spell to resurrect him, Stefan and the rest of their deceased friends on the rapidly disintegrating Other Side. Later, Julian was captured by the Travelers and they brought Julian to Mystic Falls, where they had cast a spell that can undo magic, including vampirism. Included in the collection are an ankle bracelet, promotional image cards and a booklet about the cast.

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Damon tries to kill Rebekah with a White Oak Stake, but she overpowers him and escapes. Stefan and Elena get into a fight, but Elena chooses Stefan over Damon. Joel Gretsch Peter, Peter Maxwell. Alaric starts a relationship with Jenna Sommers.

In season two, Jeremy falls in love with Bonnie Bennett and they start a relationship. They had built a bell in the Clock Tower, that upon being hit twelve times by a Maxwell descendant, would unleash the Hellfire and kill everyone around it. They are listed in the order that they first appeared on the show. She begins dating news reporter Logan Fell, who had cheated on her in the past. He later starts dating council-member Meredith Fell, us military online dating a local doctor.

The Vampire Diaries Cast Who s Dated Who

In the beginning of the series, she was dating Tyler Lockwood. Elena is then left to face Damon and see if her feelings will return. Elena continues to fight with Jeremy and Anna over their relationship. When Vicki dies, who is kevin webster Matt is devastated.

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Vampire Diaries Romance Off Screen 5 Couples That Dated In Real Life

The next day, Carol slips vervain in Tyler's coffee to test if he is a vampire, and is relieved that he isn't. When she fled to Europe, she succumbed to her bloodlust and became a Ripper vampire, slaughtering victims for blood in the most gruesome ways. After a talk with Klaus, it is revealed that Caroline would never take the cure, preferring herself as a vampire. The following is a table for the seasonal rankings based on average total estimated viewers per episode of The Vampire Diaries. Awards for The Vampire Diaries.

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