65 Oxford speakers

How old is my vintage amplifier Ampwares

65 Oxford speakers

It is not a code that I have seen for any Oxford guitar speaker. Jason, ime, those low efficiency Oxfords don't perform matched with anything except another speaker that has a very simular efficiency rating. That's an Oxford part code, not a date code.

  • Second tube is preamp, is specified.
  • The problem here isn't the speaker itself, but the woofer crossover bass blocker on the back.
  • Remember, your amp is newer than the newest component.
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  • Then, when the radio was turned up, the dash speakers would suddenly pop in and work.

If four digits are present, the first two digits refer to the year i. The actual power ratings have been published in several books so I'll discuss them in general terms here. Just cut the blue and white wires, connect jumper wires between blue and green, and black and white, and you're good to go. Many amp geeks don't like Oxford speakers found in Fender amps from through the s. These are especially good for multi-speaker amps up to watts since multiple speakers divide the amp's total output power between them.

Vintage Amp Replacements

This tube need not be low -noise or low-hum, nor does it need to be tested for microphony. Also, the amp eats power tubes, does not have much headroom and breaks up early. All of the amps would have the aluminum grill trim and they may or may not have the thin black vertical lines on the control panel.

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So in technical terms, why don't the non-Jensen speakers from the mids through the s sound as good as Jensen speakers? There is a strong market for used speakers. As a result of the price wars, they had figure out how to make the speakers produceable with a very low reject rate as well as use less expensive parts, i.

In some cases, the speaker will sound even better. Because reconing wasn't a common option until the s, players simply replaced the speakers if they blew up. Dude, being Alnico, thsoe Oxfords probably pre-date the change that Oxford made to the voice coil gap. So long as one tube from each pair is on one side of the transformer, and the other is on the other side, the amp will balance. What kind of speaker is this exactly?

History of the manufacturer

Dating Fender Amps By Serial Number Part 3

With the newly perfected Pianola, imperfect as it is. That is, the Oxfords won't be heard. They drive the output transformer, then the speakers. They are glued down into a small trough on a slope that starts at the terminals and disappear into slits in the black plastic about as far up as my capacitor lead segments go in the above picture. Only then can you access the tweeter terminals.

Fifth tube is the pre-driver. Power supply capacitors and filter caps are two names for the same thing. If so, what make and model of speaker or speakers should I consider? Great sounding cone breakup when pushed. Utah went on to become Pyle of Radio Shack and car audio fame.

Getting to those terminals is not easy, however. The amps during this period could have the earliest style silverface grill cloth or the more familiar silverface grill cloth. When your speaker is giving you static or distortion, it is the preamp section that likely needs the soldering iron's touch. Fifth tube is the phase inverter.

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This is the phase inverter. She's the queen, every man is different. My question is, are these worth reconing? Fender had tremolo or vibrato on some amps. Down to earth, online sims dating games it s multiple.

Oxford Speaker Identification

This is the phase inverter and vibrato tube. Twelvefrets, dating scan I am not familiar with that code. It's no wonder that watt Twins easily shredded a pair of them. This model uses solid-state rectifiers rather than tube rectifiers.

Oxford speaker dating chart

This tube tends to wear out faster than the other preamp tubes. Some amp geeks don't like the way these Fender label Jensens sound, help me create but let your ears be your guide. These amps do not have a bias trim pot.

  1. Here's a bad picture of one of my minivan dash speakers with mylar tweeters.
  2. On the far right, you can see the preamp chip near the black and green audio input wires.
  3. Another option is to install vintage style speakers.
  4. The higher the letter, the higher the power rating.
  5. This is because they tend to blow at the tweeter terminals, and one can solder in a small piece of wire to repair them.
  6. The first letter refers to the year, and the second letter refers to the month of manufacture.
Oxford Speakers Any Good

If not, what would you folks recommend to get that magic vintage sparkle of yore out of that superb amp? This is severe duty and will use up the tube's cathode quickly. This lowered the energy, so the voice coils were shortened to compensate. With this in mind, as his eyebrows furrow, she says. Reissue amps also use stamped Date Codes.

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Solid -state rectifiers do not wear out as tubes do, nor can they be replaced by the user. Again, I say let your ears be your guide. Third tube is the bass channel driver. These codes were commonly found on Oxford speakers in Fender amps.

The Companies

The gap distance was increased in the Oxfords that Fender used later in the decade and this reduced their efficiency and they were cheaper to make this way. These mistakes were merely cosmetic. With all this information in mind, can you identify the following manufacturer and date of these source-date codes? Our research efforts are now in their fourth year will it ever end? Either the factory worker was asleep at the wheel that day or there was a new hire that was still learning how to assemble amplifier circuit boards.

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